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EDETEK is an innovative clinical solutions company that provides high-quality technology platforms and related clinical services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. From its headquarters in Princeton, NJ and offices in Asia and Europe, EDETEK has delivered innovative solutions since 2009 resulting in unparalleled advantages for clinical development related to data quality, time of completion, and cost efficiency.

Learn more about how we utilize our clinical platforms, Panther CTMP™ and CONFORM™, to successfully address three of the most challenging aspects of clinical development.

Our Solutions

Data Acquisition


EDETEK’s Panther CTMP™ 3.0, is the most cost effective, unified Clinical Trial Management Platform available providing end-to-end management and insight into all aspects of clinical study conduct.

Data Insight

Data Insight

EDETEK’s process for data conversion utilizing our data standardization platform is cost effective and timely eliminating the need to wait for an impending regulatory filing to initiate.

Clinical Standardization

Clinical Standardization

CONFORM™ is a scalable platform for the execution of metadata management activities, data transformations, data storage and data quality. Incoming data transformed to submission-ready data.

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