EDETEK Speaks to Continuous Data Integration

Clinical Data Expert to Address Dynamic Aspects of Digital Clinical Trial

PRINCETON, New Jersey, March 19, 2018 – EDETEK, the premier provider of digital clinical trial platforms, today announced that the company is presenting at the 7th Annual Data Integration and Management Conference in Princeton, New Jersey.

Eric Hillaert, Senior Director, Product Development, Analytics at EDETEK joins the conference speaking faculty to present, “End-to-End Continuous Data Integration in Clinical Trials”. In his presentation, Eric will discuss how clinical trial sponsors can analyze event-driven information, simplify information exchange processes and implement real-time data integrations to optimize their digital clinical trials.

The Conference attracts senior level clinical data professionals interested in topics that span the clinical data lifecycle. Data strategies for improving processing speed while maintaining data quality and compliance continue to be important themes. Technologies and best practices that facilitate these strategies dominate this year’s conference agenda.

Jian Chen, EDETEK President, commented, “Eric has a wealth of knowledge about data and how it moves throughout the clinical data lifecycle. He also understands the emerging nuances of the digital clinical trial and the many opportunities for greater efficiency that it brings to the table. The Annual Data Integration and Management Conference is a perfect venue to share Eric’s expertise with our industry colleagues and to continue deeper conversations about the dynamic nature of digital clinical trials.”

The 7th Annual Data Integration and Management Conference is being held March 20-21, 2108 at the Princeton Westin Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey. Eric Hillaert’s presentation is scheduled for 2:45 PM, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. The EDETEK team will be talking with delegates about digital clinical trials throughout the conference at the EDETEK Exhibit Booth.


EDETEK, Inc. is an innovative clinical solutions company that provides high-quality technology and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. We utilize our clinical platforms, Panther CTMP™ and CONFORM™, to fulfill our clients’ data engineering and business analytics needs. Our comprehensive metadata driven solutions offer unparalleled advantages in data quality, time to completion, and cost efficiency.

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