CONFORM™ is a scalable platform for the execution of metadata management activities, data transformations, data storage and data quality

The application enables the orchestration of incoming data using the defined metadata standards to transformed submission-ready data depending on the client business process.
CONFORM™ can be configured to manage any type of incoming data including data from EDC, IoT devices, and consumer medical devices; and move the data to the CONFORM™ Clinical Data Lake to execute transformations, validations, and data quality checks as defined by the business process. Within the Clinical Data Lake, the data can exist in multiple areas where different actions can be taken including SAS data generation, review by users and execution of processes defined in workflows.

  • CONFORM™ is an enterprise grade, horizontally scalable, near real-time, secure and compliant application that is approximately 30% of the annual cost of traditional enterprise Clinical Informatics solutions.
  • CONFORM™ is a globally accessible SaaS application based on a robust AWS cloud architecture that simplifies the administration and management of the application. Our GxP compliant environment comprises Development, Test, Production and Disaster Recovery.
  • The CONFORM™ platform is robust and secure and uses multifactor authentication-based security.
  • Users access a simplified, consistent user interface to execute all Clinical Informatics activities. The modern, user-friendly interface boasts simple configuration instead of customization for business process functions.
  • CONFORM™ is a business-centric application with EDETEK support for customizations with a 72-hour response time. These customizations are supported by EDETEK for the life of the application.
  • Users can easily see what is being done from a business process perspective (where did it come from, how did it get here, what is the data, etc.).
  • Robust and easy to use audit trail and data lineage for all actions within CONFORM™.
  • Events management based system actions.
  • Single vendor source for the implementation, support and ongoing management of the CONFORM™ platform.
  • Alliance based CONFORM™ where application users provide rules that become part of the platform and is the rules are accessible for all users.
  • EDETEK also partners with clients to develop and share common business configurations

Metadata and Event-driven Clinical Information Management Platform


Information Hub

Clinical Data Hub to collect data from various source systems, devices and organizations

Metadata Management

Enterprise repository for life cycle management of different clinical standards

Data Management

Information quality center, data mapping and automated transformation tools

Information Repository

Clinical Data Lake for collection of structured and unstructured data, and enterprise warehouse for all scientific data

Event-driven Process

Scientific events collection, real-time aggregation, event driven workflows and systems integration

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